Proposed Social Media Management Program for the Huntsville Ballet Company

The Huntsville Ballet Company (HBC) has the opportunity to expand its reach and enhance its brand presence through effective social media messaging, resulting in increased giving from private and corporate donors, increased attendance at performances, and broader exposure and notoriety for HBC, both within the Tennessee Valley and nationally, to attract the highest repertory talent for signature events and performances.

The Red Team is a Huntsville-based communications management firm focused on helping our clients engage their customers, partners, members and fans with targeted messages that get results. As local business owners, we are proud of the arts community in Huntsville, and especially the calibre of the Huntsville Ballet Company. We believe there is a compelling story to tell about HBC, and that the power of social media can be harnessed to reach the widest audience for that story. 

The Red Team has developed a plan to help HBC achieve these goals. We propose the following steps in partnership with HBC to engage key audiences, including current donors and supporters, and to grow the local and regional fan base.  


  • Develop consistent outbound communications for the HBC across social networks beginning with Facebook and Twitter
  • Unify messaging to support and strengthen the HBC brand with a voice that preserves the heritage of the brand while imbuing it with an energy that reaches a broader audience
  • Increase "action window" awareness of events and performances through timely announcements in social media and community network platforms
  • Build community relationships and engage HBC advocates and fans to increase support for programs, performances and events

Engage your audience.

Schedule regular updates and plan information roll-outs according to performance and event schedules. Promote early and promote often.

Regular engagement in a consistent voice expands your fan base and motivates donors

  • Regular promotion of events sponsored and supported by the HBC
  • Human interest blurbs about performers/instructors/guest artist  
  • Helpful and sometimes fun tips from trusted sources
  • Cross promote with The Arts Council, The Huntsville Symphony, etc. 


Know your audience and find a voice that speaks to your fans and advocates—particularly those who support the HBC financially.

Develop a voice that embodies the HBC spirit and is accessible to your audience:

  • Identify and profile the current HBC fan base using reports and demographics analysis from your social media accounts
  • Engage and motivate donors who like to be a part of what they support. Sharing on social is one way they engage
  • Capitalize on the inherent desire of parents of dancers to share their kids' activities. The multiplying effect of self-promotion tied to these users is what we call the Advocate Effect, sharply increasing the exposure for targeted self-promotion - it's a win-win


Increase engagement with organizations in Huntsville driving change and growth in our area.

Meaningful engagement creates committed partners:

  • Cross-promote with the Arts Community through posts, likes and shares.
  • Engage with the Huntsville Visitors Bureau at their regular marketing round tables—this is where the magic happens. 
  • Identify opportunities to combine efforts to raise donor funding through joint initiatives of complementary organizations.

The Red Team proposes a 30-day proof of concept, at no cost to HBC, in which we will serve as social media manager for the Huntsville Ballet Company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Red Team will engage with HBC artistic and administrative leadership to ensure consistent messaging with the goals and ethos of the HBC. The immediate identified need is to maximize the promotion of the spring performance of Sleeping Beauty and associated fundraising event, the Fairytale Ball.

To execute this concept, The Red Team's Amy Price will serve as the social media project manager to oversee the program, be a major participant in message creation and distribution, and serve as a single point for program communication with the HBC. Key activities within the proof of concept include: 

  • Regular posts and updates on social media to include a minimum five Tweets per week and a minimum five Facebook actions per week
  • Targeted promotion of upcoming performances and community events
  • Targeted social media engagements with the Huntsville Community each week including retweets, shares and comments on appropriate posts
  • On behalf of HBC, attend the Marketing Round Table meetings at the Huntsville-Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau to connect with other social media managers to build relationships and promote upcoming HBC performances and community activities. 

Preserving the reputation and brand of the HBC is paramount to the success of this endeavor. 

Amy Price 

Haul Couture Fall 2014 Campaign

Amy is a native of New Orleans who settled in Huntsville seven years ago. With more than 18 years experience in education and seven years of online publishing experience, Amy is Vice President of Marketing and Social Engagement for The Red Team. She supports various clients' social media needs and is the acting communications, marketing and social media director at Haul Couture, LLC. Through an active rebranding campaign she has grown Haul Couture’s online presence nationally, increasing the fan base by 220% in just 18 months, while streamlining and standardizing the communication process to both direct and wholesale customers. She is also the content manager and designer for Haul Couture’s web page.  Amy also serves as the social media manager for the Women’s Guild of the Huntsville Ballet Company in a volunteer capacity. Amy has worked as a certified instructor at the high school and collegiate level, as a training and development administrator for global consulting firm, and as a corporate communications manager.

Amy studied ballet for twelve years, enjoys painting, and is an enthusiastic traveler, having lived in five states, including California and Virginia, as well as Austria and Japan. She is energized by the vibrant and growing community supporting the arts in Huntsville, AL. 


Amy’s Philosophy: Always be curious. Social media management requires immersion in a client's culture. Social media thrives on customer experience and story telling. We engage our fans by providing valuable content that speaks to them. We create ambassadors from our fan base when we listen to what they are saying to us and about us. The Huntsville Ballet Company already has a robust army of advocates ready to tell the story. It's just a matter of giving them something to talk about.

The Red Team is excited for the opportunity to help the HBC increase exposure, revenue and community support in 2015. Please contact Amy Price directly to let us help you Engage Your Audience.


Amy Price